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Trial and Error with Flashcard Apps March 25, 2011

After finding several great flashcards for my students to use on Quizlet.com, I loaded Flashcardlet App to the student iPods. They already have gFlash+ for as a flashcard app, but it wouldn’t allow access to Quizlet. I really like Flashcardlet because it allows me to have students go directly to Quizlet and save the flashcards to their personal iPod library. It worked great when I did it during planning and before school.

Of course, things are not as easy as they seem. My students had the iPods in hand and when they selected the Flashcardlet app it started to open, and then immediately shut down. It never opened. I struggle with keeping momentum when I spend so much time planning, finding flashcards, finding apps, loading apps, and then this happens. I will have to find another app that may work better.

We ended up still using some other apps to practice integers, function tables and proportions, so it still ended up that students enjoyed learning with the iPods. I enjoy seeing them use them and will just need to try things a few days in advance just in case something should go wrong.


6 Responses to “Trial and Error with Flashcard Apps”

  1. Jeff Holliday Says:

    Hello Mrs. Wayne,

    I’m the author of Flashcardlet. I occasionally google Flashcardlet to see what people are saying about it and ran across your blog. I’ve heard of the problem you’re describing, but I’m unable to reproduce it on any of my equipment. It would help me troubleshoot it if I had a crash log from one of your iPods. These can be gotten by following the steps on the website below. If you could help, I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve had lots of positive feedback on Flashcardlet from many teachers and would love to make the best app for use in the classroom.



    • tjwayne7 Says:

      I will check Monday or Tuesday this week when I have one of the school iPods with me. I so appreciate your attention to issues related to your app. I liked yours best because of it simplicity of use, and ability to access Quizlet. I’ll certainly get back to you!

    • Jeff Holliday Says:

      Mrs. Wayne, any chance you’ll be able to grab a crash log for me this week? I would really like to fix the iPod Touch problems you’re running into.


      • tjwayne7 Says:

        I should be able to do this tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, I have a project I am working on and keeping students after school to get ready for our SOL test. Thank you for reminding me!

  2. Jeff Holliday Says:

    I believe I have fixed the crash. It was occurring only in iOS versions 4.0 and 4.1. If you update the app in the app store, the crash should be gone. Also, it would not hurt to update your iPods to iOS 4.3 as it contains lots of bug fixes and enhancements to the operating system. Although updating a whole class worth of iPods does sound a bit daunting. 🙂

    Thank you for your feedback and I hope you’ll continue to use Flashcardlet in your classroom. Any feedback or feature requests are always welcome.


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