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Feedback for students February 23, 2011

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Today we used our iPod Touches to help practice skills related to fractions, decimals and percents. We first played Freddie Fraction to help students recall equivalent decimal and fraction values. We then used Scribble Lite to answer questions to a Powerpoint review on tax and tip. Students enjoy writing their answers on the iPod and holding it up. They just need to be careful not to erase their answers by moving too quickly. If anyone has suggestions on how to fix the iPods where Scribble doesn’t erase, please let me know.

I am excited about loading a couple of new apps on the Touches for the students to use in checking their work with proportions. The Proportion app allows students to get the correct answer to a proportion, which will be very helpful in giving students immediate feedback on their work. This will also hopefully keep them more engaged in an otherwise drill and practice activity.


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